Monday, October 15, 2007

WSJ comments...

Today's WSJ featured an article (began A1) about - guess what - a three-way kidney swap:

Kidney Swaps Seen as Way To Ease Donor Shortage

Unfortunately, my somewhat limited technical skills (and lack of an online WSJ account) prevent me from posting the permalink. But the gist is this: Three couples at two different hospitals were involved in three donations and three reciepts. Pertinent medical information: Type O blood people are "universal donors" - i.e. they can donate to others with any blood type. Type A blood can only give to A, and B only to B. The cool part of this story, however, is that two couples were in a Baltimore hospital, while the third was in San Francisco; as a result, the surgeon in Baltimore raced the proper kidney, encased in a GPS-equipped cooler, all the way across the country, "burst through the doors," and completed the final transplant successfully.

Learned: I think that I shall never see
An organ nice as a kidney.
And without scalpels, God, and Paul,*
I'll never get my transplant at all.

*(Okay, so maybe the surgeon's name wasn't Paul. But it has to rhyme, and I'm pressed for time.)

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