Friday, October 26, 2007

The farther we get from 1984, the nearer we creep

Here's an even more ominous title (A17; Wendy Kaminer) than the previous post about Huckabee: "The Return of the Thought Police." Daah daah daaaaaaaaah! The first paragraph says it all (as a grammar police myself, I rejoice--someone knows how to write a proper essay! Ha!)... [emphasis mine]

I mean no disregard for the sufferings of crime victims when I say we should be wary of laws named after them. However well-intentioned, penal laws that memorialize victims deter reasoned debate about the rights of the accused. They rely on emotional blackmail: Oppose a law named for a murdered child, and you seem to insult her memory and exacerbate her parents' grief.

Yes, the ACLU is heartily supporting laws of this type. Basically, if you happen to precede a "hate crime" with speech that could be construed as related, you are sentenced for your thoughts as well. It's another disheartening example of how liberals are only liberal (i.e. tolerant) toward those who share their viewpoint: that secular humanist views should prevail over real justice (read: the Ten Commandments, which worked for 4,000+ years with the societies who adopted them). Am I writing a diatribe? Perhaps. Am I calling for an increased expression of sanity? Most definitely.

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