Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's this about again?

On page B14 of today's WSJ is a blurb about whether forgetfulness can actually be beneficial. It mentions the only known case (a woman named AJ) of someone who remembers every single detail of her life. Granted, that can be scary, but who doesn't want a perfect memory for certain things? Remembering where your keys are? Cramming for exams?

Of course, the answer is (as usual) to take what memory we have and make the best of it. Our brains are not quite what Adam and Eve's used to be. Go find a book of memory helpers or do what I do: crosswords, Sudoku, and just plain reading widely.

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sabrina said...

Oh Ren.Bio- since you have access to a certain prof. that I have studied with recently,I thought I would tell you that he uses some great memory training "tricks" to teach students about learning.

My favorite was a rhyming list that used 10 simple words that each rhyme with their corresponding # on the list (i.e.,
1= bun, 2= shoe, etc.).
then he has you practice a visual which incorporates the rhyming word in the picture.( if you were trying to remember, generally, what the first amendment was, you might picture a bunch of freedoms on a bun, or notes with different freedoms all stuck to a bun....far fetched, but still manageable)

When recalling your list of forgettable things, You automatically know the rhyming word (bun, shoe) bec. of the rhyme scheme,(one, two, etc.), and then the picture is memorable bec you created it.

You may know already exactly what I'm talking about, but I thought, just in case, that I would post it. I had so much fun learning it in class. you can memorize a list of 10 things (or more) that may not even have anything to do with one another.
What is the first amendment? I always picture a freedom sandwich now! what is the second amendment? (hint-you stretch out your ARMS to put on your SHOE...)

Ok, i know I'm a big dork, but i love silly stuff that has a practical function- like me!!