Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another reason to doubt climate change models: letter to editor

Calm Down, Read This
October 18, 2007; Page A15 (WSJ)

Even thinking that it is credible to suggest that we study "geo-engineering" our planet's atmospheric shield to reduce global warming ("Thinking Big On Global Warming" by Fred Ikle and Lowell Wood, editorial page, Oct. 15) tells us how completely out of control and fear-based the global-warming issue has become. Let us not forget three key issues with climate change hysterics: (1) there is not one climate change model in existence that can accurately predict the past, so even thinking known erroneous models can predict the future is nonsense; (2) 96%-98% of greenhouse gas emissions come from our planet's environment, not from humans. From the media, the U.N., Al Gore and many others you would assume the opposite; (3) it has long been shown that when a large proportion of politicians and the media fall in love with an issue, as they have with global warming, we are being had. What we need is long-term, well- funded, diverse scientific studies of climate, not hundreds of front-page solutions to a perceived problem that no one really understands.

Andy W.
Bedford, Mass.

(See, humans ARE smarter than computers!)

(Also, note the extremely high percentage of blame that non-human life forms deserve. Should we go contrary to liberal logic and cut down some trees to throw in the ocean to combat global warming, then?)

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