Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A day or two ago I read The Stiletto's post on an article from The Washington Post about how immodest the Halloween costumes for young girls (think ages 6-tween) have become. Boys apparently do not have this problem when looking for costumes; girls must either make their own (if their mothers have sense) or wear additional clothing with such costumes as a super-short-and-midriff-baring schoolgirl costume.

The irony of this (besides the moral sadness): As I wandered the halls of my college today, several students had gotten into the spirit of Halloween and were elaborately dressed. I even saw a young woman dressed as a fairy--the skirt of her costume reached almost to her knees! Is it true everywhere that collegiate trick-or-treaters generally dress more modestly than their grade-school counterparts? Please comment on this.


Victoria Wang said...

Perhaps there's something in the fact that many college students make up their own costumes, so it's a Real Person designing the costume, while it's some kind of corporation mass-producing the littlegirl costumes.

Hannah said...

Great point! If I were trick-or-treating this year, I would dress up as a nun--one, because today is also Reformation Day; two,'s modest!

Victoria Wang said...

Ha! I would wear a nun costume :)

Unknown said...

No, that is not true at all of college costumes. You will have to google if you want to see what I mean.

Also trick or treat does not usually happen in college, just libations.