Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moody Halloween?

The Informed Reader (B13 of today's WSJ) strikes again, this time from the Oct. 29 L.A. Times. The topic: "sugar highs" that are not necessarily/directly from the prodigious quantities of Halloween candy normally consumed by youngsters everywhere. (There! I've used up my big-words quota for the post.)

According to the authoress, Karen Ravn, scientists are now looking in a different place than the normal high-glucose-leads-to-sugar-high hypothesis. Since the body normally regulates its blood glucose level quite well, scientists suspect that it is really either caffeine or "a certain kind of carbohydrate found in foods such as potatoes, white bread and some cereals"--methinks it is starch--that causes the infamous mood changes.

As always, the moral(s): (1) Wash your hands before eating Halloween candy. You never know who's been touching it! (2) Don't eat all your candy at once! Although your dentist may feign that s/he enjoys filling cavities for weeks on end, it's not true.

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