Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Reformation Sunday!

Yes, I know that Reformation Day (unfortunately paired with Halloween, a corrupted form of All Saints' Day, which is November 1) isn't until the 31st. But I thought today's sermon, on Romans 3:19-28, was too excellent to go unpublished. So here are my unedited notes...

Not "living in the past"; rather, the 3 "Alones" - grace, faith, Scripture. The church is not a "civic organization." Yes, we actually believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Yes, we actually read the Bible because of this. Yes, we believe that there's a thing called SIN etc. Truth is, we live in the present, before God. Why? See the Romans indictment (collection of Ps. verses [3:10-18]).
Rom. 3:19-20--the Law is referred to in the present tense. It still condemns and silences. God is still holy and just.
v. 21 - "But now the righteousness of God...apart from the law"!
v. 23 - ALL have sinned. Continue...v. 24 - ALL are justified. !!
Jesus Christ's blood (in the past, for Adam and Eve's past sin) turned away the wrath of God. This is GOOD NEWS! By faith in Jesus Christ, we receive (not earn) forgiveness of sins. We honestly see things as they are - sin, grace, forgiveness. Give the Gospel its full weight. Live in Christ (= let Christ live in you). Share Jesus with your circle/web of friends. We are free, but we choose to serve others (Luther).

And that is why I am a Lutheran.

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