Friday, April 25, 2008


You know how, every so often, you think of a catchy phrase or comparison that you either don't write down or write it down and don't follow up? Here are a few I've heard and/or thought of:
  • During a Bible study recently, my mother noted how a verse would often "hit" her. This procured visions of baseball bats and also of verses "sticking." So...the Bible is like a porcupine. When God wills, a verse will come out and stick to you (sometimes painfully) and is hard to remove thereafter.
  • A question in that same Bible study asked, "What actions in your life are reflections of this sanctification?" The answers given by other members, all of a sudden, formed an acronym. I give you the Lutheran TULIP (nothing to do with the Calvinist TULIP): Thirst for the Word, Upholding the faith (apologetics), Love for others, Indignation at sin, and a thriving Prayer life. (Other tulips are welcome in the comments!)
  • According to some studies, the heritability of homosexuality is about 20%. Proponents love this statistic because it implies that, in some cases, one can claim s/he was "born that way." Since the phenomenon occupies such a small segment of the population, one could reasonably assume that it is caused at least in part by a mutation in whatever gene theoretically causes it (not that there is one). Allow me to make an analogy to another disease caused by a mutation plus environmental interaction: Marfan syndrome. Would a person born with the mutation simply say, "I was born that way. Why are you trying to hurt my self-esteem and be intolerant, when I can't change the way I was made?" No?
Two editorial notes:
  • Many of those who read my blog don't comment. That's fine; there's no requirement. But if comment moderation is deterring you, please don't worry about that. As of today, I have had to reject a grand total of three comments - one for profanity, the other two for ranting and going off on tangents that had absolutely nothing to do with the post. Three out of 321 total (yes, I'm a statistics freak too) is a badge of honor to my readers.
  • This summer, The Renaissance Biologist will try to become more of a Biologist. Post topics will shift accordingly.


Lars Shalom said...

the aliens love God too, please read my religious work!!!

Hannah said...

Can you explain, please, what your comment has to do with the post? Otherwise, yours may be deleted comment 4. I browsed your blog and cannot give a wholehearted family-friendly recommendation for it.