Thursday, April 24, 2008

Science tidbits

For you, dear readers, here are links to several articles I noticed during the past few days.

HT my literate, gray-headed friend who has contributed to several posts before, "Leading scientists tell politicians to stop interfering over ethics of embryo research." Essentially, these scientists want to do science only, without having such issues as ethics, morals, and *opinion* muck things up.

A preview of an article from New Scientist; this relates to that gray-headed friend, who broke both bones in his lower leg two days before Thanksgiving 2007 and is now transitioning from his cane. Hooray! If only we could have treated it that way...

I learned a little from this, too: a link-filled article from New Scientist. While I don't subscribe to that magazine for obvious reasons, I'll have to learn all about evolution in order to fulfill my career goals. (sighs) Goal: Learn now, refute later.

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