Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter 3: "Good News for Life"

This Sunday I was joined by Cheryl, The Elephant's Child, and Boots on the Ground. The guest pastor who conducted the Bible study also preached; the readings were Acts 2:14a, 36-41, 1 Peter 1:17-25 (the sermon text), and Luke 24:13-35.
This "good news" Peter and we talk about - do you ever pause and think about its utter goodness? Christ's life and resurrection speak to us, allowing us to love life from a unique perspective. Examine the Good News:
  1. It gives life. As in spring, we have been born again by the eternal, imperishable Word plus the visible water of Baptism. Jesus Christ covers us with holiness through the unholy cross.
  2. It speaks to the living of our lives. Peter exhorts us to be holy, like our holy Father. Hear the Good News, then do it - don't ignore it like it doesn't matter. We can make God-pleasing decisions only because the Spirit of Christ lives in us. Christ comes where we are. He has come into our filthy lives, on Golgotha where He atoned for us. And He will never die again. Yet our culture worships death - killing embryos, infants, and the old or suffering to *solve* problems. We should be speaking God's gift of life to them. Nearly 70% of those who undergo abortions are Christian. Brethren, this should not be so.
  3. It gives us a unique perspective on life. We are all handmade by God, bought by God, and held by God. What value this gives us! Though our abilities may decrease, our value doesn't - because God loves us. He loves you as well - that is the rounds of your value - what God has done for us.

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