Sunday, April 27, 2008

Easter 6: defending the faith

Today's readings were Acts 17:16-31, 1 Peter 3:13-22 (sermon text), John 14:15-21, and Psalm 66.
Being ready to give a gentle, reverent answer when asked about our hope...Our adolescent catechumens are being questioned today about this faith.

Sanctify/set apart Christ as Lord in your heart; look not at your persecutors, but at your Savior and Lord. Our hope is grounded in Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, and returning. This is a sure thing. He will receive us to Himself.

"Who hopes in what he sees?" No one. Yet we know for certain that Christ's promise holds - He is about to come back for each of us believers. Our Savior is with us and has paid in full for our sins! Be able to tell others about it, even in our postmodern, relativist culture that believes in nothing and death. Compare Peter's and Paul's responses to their respective audiences. Be able to speak clearly concerning God's mysteries, our hope, with gentleness and reverence - no need to be a jerk (Philippians 4:5).
The catechumens mentioned above were questioned later that morning about general Bible knowledge, short-answer Catechism questions, more involved questions, and expounding a Bible passage in terms of law and gospel. IMO, my confirmation class was much less well-prepared. On the subject of apologetics in general, I recommend you read The Defense Never Rests by Craig Parton, who spoke at our church a few years back about it. Also see Cao's post today.

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