Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easter 5

Readings: Acts 6:1-9, 7:2a, 51-60; 1 Peter 2:2-10 (sermon text); John 14:1-14, and Psalm 146.
Three images: milk, stones, and royalty. The odd trio comes together under the theme of growing in Christ, a.k.a. mystagogy (learning the mysteries of Christ; being assimilated into His body).

MILK: We are to crave, like infants, the "pure spiritual milk." This also includes regularly receiving His body and blood. The objective: to grow into the righteous robe Christ gives to each believer. Have you tasted that the Lord is good? If so, don't stop feeding on the Word. Do we, like infants, refuse to stop crying until we are fed? We used to; do we now? Make the Word of God your highest priority.

STONES: What a contrast! - or not? Christ is the Cornerstone; He was rejected by men, but precious in God the Father's eyes. We are becoming like Him, becoming a precious stone, part of God's house, Christ being the foundation and cornerstone. Not one of us deserves this, yet God chose us. Peter backs up this idea with several quotes from the prophets (Isaiah and the Psalms). A secondary metaphor: rocks are not subjective or malleable; their truth does not depend on our opinion. If we reject Christ, He becomes a stumbling block - the fall is long, down to hell.

ROYALTY: Two races, the chosen and the unbelievers. How do we become royalty? Answer: We are adopted brothers and sisters of Christ the King; we are princes and princesses. But what exactly is a priest? Answer: One who offers sacrifices: not bloody animals, but rather ourselves; we offer ourselves to God and to our fellow man. Why? Answer: We are somebodies in Jesus Christ alone.

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Elephantschild said...

*sighs happily* I had to be away from my home church this weekend, and attended a Untied (ahem) Church of Christ church - no lectionary readings! Grrrr.. and the "wrong" words for A Mighty Fortress - and what are doing singing a Reformation hymn on Easter 5 anyway? It's against the laws of nature, I tell you.

Sigh. Thanks for posting. :)