Monday, December 17, 2007

Weird link

A friend sent me this link (language warning) to analyze. Given its polarity, I'd rather not--just setting myself up for a slew of comments to moderate over finals week. Check it out and see whether or not you agree with the guy's logic (which, in its barest form, I do).


Wes Messamore said...

The author makes a lot of different assertions, with some of which I generally agree, and with others of which I would have to qualify. Broadly speaking, I think the article is very clever and really appreciate what the author's trying to do.

Vague enough for you?

MathewK said...

I got as far as point 2. My reading of it is that he is conferring a certain validity to the atheist simply because he also truly believes that there is nothing. To me it's not up to us to decide that, to put it another way, God does not 'need' us to believe in him or he does not exist just because we believe in him.

Lastly belief in no religion (commies) has killed far more people than Christianity, even in the old days.