Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent 3

Today's text was Isaiah 35:1-10.

Today's reading is toward the end of the Law-word (chs. 1-39; the Gospel-word is chs. 40-66). But there are tastes of the other in each. Today: a breath of fresh air. Verses 1 and 2--the wilderness doesn't bloom! God makes it do so. It makes full sense only after Christ's second coming (our current lives are a dreary wilderness). After this age passes away, we believers will live in the flourishing new heavens and new earth.

Why Lebanon and Sharon? Both areas are/were idyllic, the pinnacle of beauty. Cedars, mountains (snow-capped, of course). Now the focus shifts to "weak hands...feeble anxious heart." Hope! Be strong, fear not. The reason: "Behold, your God will come" to save! Odd pairing of vengeance/recompense with salvation. The reason: judgment always accompanies salvation. God saves the humble but punishes those who oppose Him.

Jesus told John's followers to tell him what they saw (vv. 5-6). This is proof of His deity--healing the believing. All of our sicknesses (ch. 52). Relief for our earthly life ("burning sand") is found in the pool of Christ, the Word of God.

Verse 8--"the Way of Holiness." The highway to heaven is Jesus Christ. Read ch. 34--much judgment pertaining to the highway. Against the Edomites, brethren of Jacob. Why? They resisted the Israelites crossing into their heritage; they resisted God and His will. God made the highway anyway. He makes clean all who walk on it--even if they are fools (!). (We, who sin, are fools.)


Anonymous said...

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Hannah said...

Granted, secret rapture, your comment did not contain profanity. However, the content is an entirely different story. There are more than enough Scripture references to refute the notion of the Rapture.