Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 1

I went to the Saturday evening service; the text was Isaiah 63:7-14. Unfortunately, there will be no Bible study tomorrow.

Theme: Christ in "exile" to Egypt, being hidden/protected from Herod by God. Previous chapter (62): God the bloody warrior, coming out of Edom, having put an end to the evil one. But where will we stand in the end? What about me? Turn to 63:7 for the answer; He is faithful (so "recount [His] steadfast love"), even if we are faithless. He doesn't write us out of His last will and testament, all because of this steadfast love. So next time, when you're in trouble, first recount your sins, then confess them, then RECOUNT HIS STEADFAST LOVE.

Look at verses 8 and 9. The marvel of the Incarnation, Jesus' life, His suffering, His death. And further: God, like a father (for He is!), carries us gently, over and through life's hardships. Yet we rebel. God is angered and grieved at this--if we persist in sin, not taking confession seriously, His wrath will come upon us at judgment.

Yet again--Isaiah reminds us to recount. Lay out your sins, then remind God how loving He is. God Himself will forgive and guide us (v. 13). Purpose: to make for Himself "a glorious name" (v. 14). Later: a new heaven and earth. He hasn't given up on us! We have His promise.

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