Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent 1

My church is beginning an 8-week sermon emphasis on Isaiah. This will span Advent (first Sunday of that season today!), Christmas, and Epiphany. The sermon text was Isaiah 2:1-5 (which, coincidentally--or not--I just studied in LifeLight).

Isaiah has been called the 5th Gospel--so much prophecy and encouragement. Three themes in chapter 2: (1) All nations will flow to the LORD's mountain. (2) Nations will not have war anymore (eventually). (3) Walk in the LORD's light.

Verse 1--Isaiah saw the word of the Lord, probably in a vision. "Concerning Judah and Jerusalem." We need to know our faith history. N.B.--ca. 1000 BC, Israel envies the other nations that have kings. God gave them kings, all right--warning them about the negatives. One century later, civil war splits the nation. After the northern tribes fall (722 BC), Isaiah prophesies. Around 500 BC, the remnant returns.

God's greatest trait is His mercy--but it didn't pay dividends with His people. His patience is running out. Seek His face. Judah fell too (586 BC), but not completely.

Theme 1. Mountain = Mt. Zion, Jerusalem. God's house. Also remember Calvary, a little hill on the mount--v. 2 fulfilled. 3rd mountain = the new Jerusalem.

Theme 2. Verse 4 is carved in the UN building--WRONG USE! Don't hold your breath--the Book says that only the next world will have no war. "Word of judgment"--at Calvary, an odd kind of justice. We go free while Christ bore the penalty.

Theme 3. Know His word, that He is the true God. Walk not "in quarreling and jealousy" (Rom 13:13, but in forgiveness in Christ.

The forgiveness of sins is truly central.


Hanley Family said...

The first time I went through Isaiah, all I saw was hopelessness and despair and a stupid people turned from God. The second time, I saw myself. :( And the hope of the savior.

Principled Discovery

MathewK said...

Thanks for sharing that Hannah.

Hannah said...

Dana, great to hear from you! I checked out your blog; you are now on my blogroll.

MK, you're welcome. :D