Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eek! That's so revolting! Part 2

Not only do we have antimicrobial house products, but you can also get workout clothes (subscription required) that slay the beasties exercising with you. Reed Albergotti (W1) documents the new products.

  • "Outdoor apparel makers began addressing the problem [of stinky clothes] back in the 1990s. Among the earliest was Polartec, of Lawrence, Mass., which in 1991 began spraying synthetic-fiber underwear with Tryclosan [sic], an ingredient that has been used in antibacterial soap. More recently, Polartec and others have introduced fabrics treated with silver, whose bacteria-killing properties have given it wide use it medical and military markets." However, since any silver runoff will likely pollute, companies move on.
  • The new products aren't just fabrics with antibiotics sprayed on, either. The human race has now advanced to using "organic-based sources." Not to disparage or anything, but I thought that antimicrobials were organic. Like penicillin from the mold. Oh well.
  • Before we get on to the good stuff, here's a throwback to the good old days of soap and water: "Some people think washing clothes in hot water and detergent immediately after working out is just as effective as the new treatments at killing bacteria and eliminating smell. "Just don't throw it in the hamper," says Kay Obendorf, a textile chemist at Cornell University. The sooner clothes are washed, the better, because bacteria begins [sic] to multiply after a few hours."
All right--here are the touted "organic-based sources" you'll be shelling (no pun intended) out paper-based money for if you're a workout type.

  • Silver ions. These have been used in other products too.
  • Bamboo charcoal. Evidently it's much better than ordinary charcoal.
  • Coconut charcoal. Better than bamboo?
  • Crab shells! Or, at least, a derivative of an amino acid therein. (Chitin charcoal?)
  • Merino wool. This apparently lasts the longest--and you don't even have to spray!

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sabrina said...

I have one merino wool sweater.
it looks like an Irish fisherman sweater, I'm not sure It would be my first choice to wear on the treadmill...

I have used colloidal silver products before, mostly on my fiance. He had an abscess drained once and the doctor swore up and down he had to have been treated with antibiotics as the culture came up clean. in reality, we had only used silver drops.

I actually think that being stinky after a workout is a hard won victory, maybe I'm just weird that way. I consider it a cleansing process.

Have you seen those detoxifying patches that you put on your feet, Those look like a fun science experiment. one of my friends is threatening to buy a box and stick the patches on all of her kids feet while they are sleeping!

Here's to a clean and unstinky new year, Hannah! looking forward to seeing you in "spring"!