Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve!

The text for tonight (Candlelight Communion, 11pm) was Isaiah 9:2-7, another famous prophecy.

Jesus, the Light of the world, shatters the darkness of sin! This is no generic spirituality. In reality, the darkness goes a lot deeper than our personal flaws. A lot deeper. We are worthy only of hell in our sinful state. But the very Son of God brings light into our hearts, destroying darkness.

The original context of these words, their fulfillment in the Gospels, is the people of Galilee. Here, the northern ten tribes were obliterated--only Judah had a remnant (Joseph and Mary were part of this, looking at their lineage). War (the second motif) has been won; the victor divided the spoils--the Messiah broke the rod of Israel's and our oppressors, the largest of whom is Satan. Jesus has shattered him! There is no more guilt-burden of the law! Its back is broken.

All war garments rolled in blood, burned in the fire. The boots Israel heard in the distance, burned as fuel. Now comes the beautiful prophecy: the Child, the Son, given to us, is Jesus. Our Commander-in-chief--a child!? The government of the Church--and of the universe--is on His shoulder. Heed His word every day of the year. Glorify the Might God who died for us and rose again. His kingdom will be eternal, just, and righteous. Since all of our works together could not pay for one sin, the "glorious exchange" (Luther) occurs--our sin is replaced by the gift of His righteousness. How? Answer: zeal (power mixed with love).

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Aurora said...

Hannah, this is a beautiful post. I love to reflect on the person of Christ coming as a child. This is why so many people hate Christmas. It forces the whole of our society to think about the miracle all over again.
I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. I've been online a little less than usual. Good to be back.