Monday, July 14, 2008

Update and thank you!

In May I asked the Christians among you readers to pray for several items. Updates:
  • S (aunt) has completed the radiation and is presumably improving. Unfortunately, a member of a chat room took liberties in spreading the blog's location, so S's daughter J decided to limit readership to invited family members. I have yet to obtain her email.
  • P has now graduated from a small plane (up to 200mph) to a 3-seat 400mph plane!
  • Darth Kelvin finally completed his checkride and is now an instrument-rated private pilot. His next goal is a single-engine commercial plane.
  • My bunion? Gone. Pain? Gone. Swelling? Only when I stand for several minutes. The next checkup is on the 25th. Dr. B says it has been healing abnormally quickly, something I attribute directly to the prayers of all of you.
Thank you. God is good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah, Hope all is well and am happy to hear prayers are being answered. That is always so humbling isn't it? Anyway, I wanted you to check out the new piece I just wrote up for the voters. I hope you enjoy and stay in touch. I haven't heard from you for awhile. --t

Anonymous said...

Great news, Hannah. Perhaps I'll have to try the same thing with a stubborn prayer request I've had for a few months now (selling some property which is an albatross around the neck).
Glad to hear all's well.