Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Chapter 1

As before, make your own questions.

Ways in which the Bible is unique
  • Continuity. Over 1500 years, 40 generations, 40+ authors, diverse locations, times, moods, continents, languages, genres, etc. Unified diversity.
  • Circulation. Billions. Overall bestseller since Gutenberg.
  • Translation. Thousands of translators, hundreds of languages. One of the first major works translated.
  • Survival. More manuscript support than any 10 classical texts combined. Careful scribes who counted letters. Persecuted and criticized (e.g. rulers, scholars, Muslims).
  • Teachings. Prophecy (diverse, unique, sometimes centuries in advance), history (extremely accurate and clear), personalities (honest about human flaws, unlike Qur'an).
  • Influence on literature. Bible could be reconstructed from quotations in various literary works. See Cleland B. McAfee, The Greatest English Classic, p. 134.

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