Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small wonder

Read this editorial. The gist:
  • Both McCain and Obama have flip-flopped. Normal Americans know that.
  • McCain, upon being told thus, says: "Yes, I most definitely changed my position. Here is the data to explain to you why I changed."
  • Obama, on the other hand, says: "What flip-flop? I don't see any."


Anonymous said...

hey hannah,

did you hear mcain today when he was responding to obama's attack on him for going to the gym instead of visiting the troops. I was floored that mccain smiled as he said, "it's okay that he attacked me." He had no response! he hada no response at all on the fact that the obamumist just went on a world wind tour trying to make himself look experienced. I am starting to think McCain is trying to loose!

Hannah said...

NC, I don't usually keep track (on TV/radio) of the campaign. 'Tis tiresome for me.

What you told me seems weird. I have no opinion on it at the moment - only, may the better candidate win!