Friday, November 2, 2007

Too sad for words, part II

Lo and behold, as usual, there is a group of follow-up letters on A11 of today's WSJ to Ari Brown's Oct. 27 editorial. Here's the gist of each...

  • Jerry Miller, Jr. M.D., president of Augusta Pediatric Assoc. and associate clinical professor of Augusta, GA's Medical College, agrees wholeheartedly: "I often tell parents that if they could only see what these diseases do to children, if they could only see what I have seen firsthand, they would have no hesitation about deciding to immunize their loved children."
  • On the other hand, "the grassroots Internet campaign against vaccines is little match against the institutional propaganda machine that pressures families to immunize"--i.e. vaccines are not "truly voluntary," according to Craig S. in Lee's Summit, MO.
  • Another professional, Andi L. Shane, M.D. MPH, assistant professor of Pediatric and Infectious Diseases at Emory Univ. School of Medicine in Atlanta, agrees with Miller [emphasis mine]: "We have the ability to provide our children with health-care advantages through immunization that are duplicated only by hand-washing. As a pediatric infectious disease physician, I enjoy counseling parents about the risks and benefits of vaccinations. My discussion of the former is brief and the latter long."
  • Marilynn Krull R.N., BSN in PA. also agrees. Three professionals to one...?

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