Saturday, November 17, 2007

Percentage, shmercentage!

According to, my support for Huckabee is somewhat justified. The site is essentially a two-part quiz. Part 1: Weight the issues most important to you with more points (20 points total; you must use them all). Part 2: Mark whether you support or oppose (on a 5-point continuum) various issues. The site will then rank the presidential candidates in order of percent similarity to your beliefs.

A bit surprising: Fred Thompson (84% similarity) came out first, McCain (80%) second. Huckabee was fifth, with a mere 75%.

Then I did an item analysis.
Thompson's top similarities ("very similar") were Taxes and Budget, Abortion and Birth Control, Gay Rights, Iraq and Foreign Policy, and Education.
McCain's order of "very similar" items was a bit different: Taxes and Budget, Gun Control, Abortion and Birth Control, Iraq and Foreign Policy, and Civil Liberties and Domestic Security. Huckabee's "very" similarities were Taxes and Budget, Gay Rights, Civil Liberties and Domestic Security, and Abortion and Birth Control.

Hmm. I guess it all depends how you weight things...obviously. I have actually been considering Thompson, given several negative editorials about Huckabee. However, given the amount of headway we would have to make on abortion, tackling gay rights seems easier right now. Any thoughts?


WomanHonorThyself said...

sorry I'm still Un decided!..ack!

Unknown said...

Mike Huckabee is supported by Chuck too: