Friday, November 16, 2007

Surface protein of the virus that bit you

B7: The Informed Reader...scooping Nov. 17 The Lancet, notes how homeopathy in India is messing up the country's health care system. Exemplary of the tensions:

...Many doctors trained solely in homeopathy have been giving their patients conventional drugs such as antibiotics, often in unconventional cocktails, which the Indian Supreme court considers quackery. Despite efforts to stop homeopaths practicing in areas they aren't qualified, about 90% of them are administering pharmaceutical drugs. Last month, a homeopathic doctor made national headlines for selling a homeopathic HIV cure for about $3,800 to hundreds of patients. He was prohibited from advertising the claim that he had cured 2,000 people of AIDS and is under investigation from medical authorities.

Yes, yes, the title may have been a little weird...

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