Sunday, November 11, 2007

End times

We had a guest pastor today. He gave an excellent sermon on 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, 13-17...

Jesus Christ will come back--they didn't believe Him then, and don't believe Him now. Like Easter--surface belief is always there. Paul wrote this 2nd letter after an abnormally short time because false notions had arisen about Christ's return. These made them frantically search for signs of it. We're like the Thessalonians--some quit their jobs and depended on charity; some feared not being "blameless at Christ's return/" Paul reminded them that "rebellion" and "the man of lawlessness" (cf. Daniel)--a demonic counter-kingdom--had to precede the Day of the Lord. The man of lawlessness is a straw man (Jesus' breath will kill him) but powerful nonetheless.

The signs repeat themselves in each age to reinforce awareness. Don't worry about "soon"--it's in the LORD's hands. Don't worry--God chose those who now believe that they would be saved.

What is "spiritual"? Yoga? Mysticism? Mixing animism and Christianity? Respond by seeking a Christian identity, speaking to descendants the truth they must believe in. Apostasy often begins at home. The Gospel still applies--believe in it. Means of grace--food, drink, washing of Baptism. Don't look back. Love Christ more than parents or children. Following Jesus--denying oneself--has the highest priority. Christ will care for you. He knows your sufferings. He will triumph, and we with Him. He's coming soon!--whatever "soon" means.


Aurora said...

Hannah, interesting sermon. Personally, I think 'soon' means 'soon' though I realize this has been thought by many generations through history. The prophecies of the book of Revelations are manifesting all around us. Yes, we have to rest assured that Christ will look after us but it's difficult sometimes when we look at the imminent future we're facing.

Hannah said...

Basically, no one knows the day or the hour, except God the Father (and "soon" is "soon" in God's time scale). That's probably what the pastor was getting at; all these date-predicting people incriminate themselves by ignoring that verse.