Sunday, November 25, 2007

Drowning in thankfulness...

Being outraged at the atrocities committed against a group of rehabilitating troops over in England, I figured I might as well post the notable locations of various takes on this.

First: Michelle Malkin (it gets the most hits, apparently).

Next: Aurora (thanks very much for the article on this!).

Next: MK (nice snarky take).

Finally: The Lone Voice (pardon the language a bit. Not such a lone voice after all, eh?).

Think of it! A citizen actually being ungrateful for our troops! Support just went out the window for this lady. So much for wanting the best for the much for wartime sacrifices.


Aurora said...

Thanks for the link, Hannah. Yeah, MK can be pretty 'snarky' (love that word) when he wants.
It is a really infuriating story and I understand it's getting around. I hope the woman in question has the grace to feel guilty, though I doubt it.

MathewK said...

Snarky!! is that a good thing.

Thanks for the link Hannah.