Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Water everywhere good for you. According to this blurb (and others--plenty of research has been done about this and related topics), drinking diet soda vs. regular to help oneself lose weight has a high likelihood of backfiring. Why I am happy:
  • I prefer mostly water; on the rare occasion I have soda, it's the full version or bust.
  • Thanks to an aversion (of unknown origin--but I'm extremely thankful for it!) to certain sweeteners, diet/zero-calorie leaves a bad taste.
So go grab a water bottle, fill it with ice-cold H2O (the body's act of heating the water to 98 degrees burns a fair amount of calories too), and sip away.

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Aurora said...

Drinking cold water burns calories. Woo Hoo...I'm going to get a glass now. :)