Saturday, February 9, 2008

HIV transmission

These new findings about HIV transmission, in my view, provide even more evidence that purity is (Biblically, obviously) the way to go. Apparently mothers, either through breast-feeding or by pre-chewing food for their infants, have transmitted the virus. Granted, the vast majority of evidence so far says that HIV isn't present in saliva, but there are these things called *capillaries* and *absorbent mucous membranes* in the mouth. What, really, is so bad about abstaining from kissing as well as other, more dangerous, activities before marriage?

Update 2/12/08: Hoosier Army Mom also blogged about this.


Anonymous said...

Hannah, abstinence is by far the best protection. Unfortunately just mentioning that to some people is enough to make them foam at the mouth and burst a blood vessel in their temple. You'll never convince the anti-moralists that a promiscuous lifestyle could be anything but normal, natural and the best possible choice for them.

Anonymous said...

Question for Hannah J... what is it about the protection of the womb that so many babies of HIV infected mothers are born without HIV? Considering a developing fetus is attached to and fed from a mother's blood steam, it would see infection would be inevitable. But so many are not born infected, quite a miracle, but not having a clue biologically speaking, I have always wondered. Not wondered why... I know God is awesome, but just the idea of it. :-)

And Hannah, I wish to express what a nice blog you have here. I will add it to my blogroll. And I can tell you some very good reasons to abstain and court like my parents generation did. Email me sometime. I'll send you my info.


Hannah said...

Aurora, too true. "All things are permissible for me, but not all things are helpful."

Judy, as far as I know, in-utero protection is a miracle...I don't know *everything* about HIV/AIDS, but I'm fairly sure that it's more likely that the infants will be exposed to the virus during delivery (all that blood, obviously).

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