Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jeremiah session 5

Here again, for your continued edification and study of the Law, Gospel, and Prophets, are my bulleted notes from today's Bible study.
  • God the Righteous Judge--key to understanding the Scriptures.
  • 5:1--"justice" as in 2nd Table (Commandments 4-10, love your neighbor as yourself).
  • 5:4--the justice of God = ? See below for elaboration.
  • 5:28--human justice is ultimately unjust.
  • 7:5--faith --> love, pity for the weak, and JUSTICE.
  • 9:24--boast only in faith--be pleased that God gives it to us. Know God: chesed (Hebrew for steadfast love), JUSTICE (judging rightly), and righteousness (perfection). How can God have chesed and justice simultaneously? Answer: What happened on the Cross? Righteousness makes the other two work.
  • 10:24--think about this. Is Jeremiah too proud of himself? Look at the context: he kept preaching God's word. He is laying hold to his child-of-God status.
  • "Nice" isn't a synonym for "Christian." What is, though: "law and gospel."
  • The Righteous Judge throughout the Scriptures: Gen. 18:25 (Sodom and Gomorrah); Ps. 7:11 (you can't conceptualize God's indignation away, especially by human reasoning); Is. 11:4 (judgment must accompany forgiveness); Is. 16:5 ("hastening righteousness"); Rom. 3:21 (God's righteous, through faith, not of the law, the righteousness by which God counts us sinless! It flowed from the Cross to us! See Rom. 5:18 too); Rev. 19:11 (at the world's end, there are no more second chances).
  • Christ went through the whole suffering of the cross--being 100% divine, He could atone; being 100% human, He could die.
  • There is still time to believe. Though many won't believe, keep telling them anyway.

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