Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jeremiah session 6

Our other pastor taught the class today; whereas we had finished chapter 12 last week with pastor 1, today we mysteriously began with chapter 19 with pastor 2. Anyway, the bullets:

  • Ch. 19--one of Jeremiah's action prophecies (used by other prophets), the breaking of the useless flask. Why physical objects? Answer: God gave us our senses and created the world; He works along with and through His creation. God's promise, attached to a physical action or object, saves.
  • Valley of Topheth/Son of Hinnom = used by practitioners of Baal's cult-religion. For sacrificing children by fire.
  • Compare Jer. 19:7 with Rev. 19:17-21--carrion. Siege effect.
  • Distinguishing false prophets: (1) does their prophecy agree with the rest of God's known word? & (2) does it come true?
  • 20:1--the first Passhur (the second is in 21:1), a priest, should have supported Jeremiah but didn't. Prophecy: he would die in Babylon.
  • 20:7-18--cf. Job 3. Get out the Kleenex. Because Jeremiah had to proclaim mostly law, his ministry was even less popular than that of the average prophet. This section also demonstrates the divine inspiration of the Bible; if men edited the book, why would they keep the main character's complaints against God? his negative feelings?
  • But Jeremiah will go on prophesying--but a little afraid for his skin. Verses 14-18: cursing his birth--BUT he never gives up his faith.

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Weien said...

Nice to have a sophisticated review on some thoughts re: Jeremiah; the "get out the Kleenex" thought is rather provoking! ^^

By the way, I'm always blogging; I just do so at a vastly slowly rate than many others. *grin*