Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gospel as Center: Chapter 1

The Gospel as Center, edited by D. A. Carson and T. Keller ((c) 2012 Crossway), expounds on the essence of the Gospel and how it applies to every aspect of ministry, worship, and daily life. Chapter 1 summarizes "Gospel-Centered Ministry."

  • Biblical language is the first choice of the book to describe theology, as well it should be.
  • Begin with God versus with our culture's interpretation of Scripture.
  • Individualism (based on secularism) makes us too fluid, commitment-phobic.
  • How to address today's incomprehension of typical expository preaching? No matter what, tie all things to Christ's person and work, since He is the center of  our faith as Christ-followers.
  • Social ministry is certainly appropriate, based on our received grace.
  • Minding the cultural context, The Gospel Coalition (TGC) seeks to support churches (1) preaching for discipleship, (2) emphasizing repentance and its fruits, (3) involving members in the world (for all areas of daily life are within the realm of Jesus Christ), and (4) supporting Christian communities marked by generosity.
  • Churches to the Word-ministry are to be compared/contrasted with believers to the world-ministry.
  • Systematic (atemporal concepts) versus biblical (historical/thematic) theology.
  • The Gospel flows into ALL our life and thought! We live with the ethics and morals we have because they imitate Jesus' work.

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