Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday

This evening's readings were Psalm 116, Exodus 24:3-11, Hebrews 9:11-22, and Matthew 26:17-30, the last of which was the sermon text.

Jesus celebrates the Passover, a time of unleavened (quick-baked) bread and much lamb's blood. He is the Passover lamb, God's Lamb! "My time is at hand" - something crucial was about to happen. Consider also the miraculous precision of Jesus' directions. He even ate with the one who betrayed Him - Judas, who received the Body and Blood.

"Is it I?" Yes, it is I, whose sins put Him on the cross, although I have not betrayed Him as Judas did. Yet we all deny Him, as Peter did. Because of our sin, we have each wished we had never been born. But if we believe His absolution, by the mercy of God, we receive forgiveness.

Count the items in the Supper:
1. Bread.
2. Body of Jesus Christ.
3. Wine.
4. Blood of Jesus Christ.

Some churches claim only #1 and #3, others only #2 and #4. But there are 4 things there; two just don't disappear. Accept what the Word says - therein is a miracle.
5. Forgiveness of sins!

How can the Sacrament give this? Answer: God's work, a miracle, Christ communing with us. He holds us in His mercy. Soon we will see Him face to face.

Editorial note: As The Stiletto is doing this year, I will not be posting for the rest of Holy Week. Prepare for an Easter Monday mega-post!


MathewK said...

Have a good easter Hannah, you are in my prayers and thoughts.

Dawg said...

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Hannah!