Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter 2

Today's readings were Acts 5:29-42, 1 Peter 1:3-9, and John 20:19-31, the last of which was the text, particularly verses 19-23.
Themes: fear vs. peace; sin vs. grace; law vs. Gospel.

Evening of 1st Easter. Some disciples had already seen Jesus risen, but were still afraid. It illustrates our spiritual fear - without Christ saving us, His presence terrifies us. As Adam and Eve hid themselves after sinning, so also we should be fearful of God, but people have been working to eliminate this proper fear...each age by its own technology, or by sinning so much that we forget God (as with Sodom and Gomorrah), or by secular "peace" and government.

BUT Jesus appeared, saying, "PEACE be with you!" The disciples were glad only after they verified His physical body. Our peace is where God has vented His righteous anger and forgiven us - in Christ's person and body.

We suffer on account of Christ's name - we endure with joy because God's peace is with us through Jesus Christ's body and blood! We receive the Holy Spirit; use our measure of Him to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, forgiving (or withholding forgiveness from) offenders through Christ and on His authority.
Instead of having another session of Jeremiah today, we discussed the Issues, Etc. matter. Here are some sites that have sprung up (besides the petition, of course); check them out:

Laymen, Etc. - highlights longer testimonies from the petition website; a good link index.

Bring Back Issues - albeit perhaps in a different form, always geared to upholding Scriptural truth and inerrancy.

Pastor Cwirla (Underground) - to "combat synodical terrorism."

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