Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jeremiah session 4

Today we got from 2:29 to 3:23, not to mention 1 Corinthians (and that's quite a lot of text if you know my pastors!). Here are the notes.

  • God rebuked Israel in the past for unfaithfulness, yet Israel killed the prophets and forgot God. God expected Israel to be His bride, yet Israel became a whore.
  • 2:33--Israel was so evil that she taught pagans more false gods.
  • 2:34--two sins: idolatry and neglecting the poor.
  • 2:35--Israel was brazen; she didn't repent, even though she had the Law.
  • 3:1--more unfaithfulness (God's only grounds for a divorce).
  • 3:3--more brazenness from Israel.
  • 3:6--high places = for worship, unfortunately pagan.
  • Don't take the intimacy with God for granted (Lord's Supper).
  • 3:11--surprising! Judah (formerly better) went farther (worse) than Israel.
  • 3:12-13--God invites contrition; He will always forgive repented sins. His patience still (but not for long) has a thread left.
  • 3:14-19--imagery of the promised Christ. See John 10:11-13.
  • 3:23--Jeremiah's confession of the true faith.
  • 1 Cor. 10; 11:17, 23-26--the sanctuary is the fellowship (Greek koinonia) hall--we all partake of Christ's blood (under the wine) and ONE body (under the bread). True fellowship happens at the communion rail--intimate fellowship with Christ and each other. Don't provoke God to jealousy.

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