Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jeremiah, session 2

Here, for your continued edification, are the notes from today; the topic was Jeremiah chapter 1.

  • Ch. 1--authority, nature, and character of God's Word. Law-message: "Tell Israel they'll be destroyed." Jeremiah, as all prophets did, tried to back out. But it was God's word, so he had no excuse.
  • Jeremiah prophesied/preached from 627 to 587 B.C.--40 years.
  • Verses 4-5: God's word came (by vision or voice or while he preached) to Jeremiah, set apart before birth. Good proof text against abortion. But it's about god's specific plan for Jeremiah--be careful about applying it universally.
  • Verse 7: God's rebuttal to Jeremiah's reluctance; see Mark 13:11. Verse 8: Jeremiah had reason to fear--people were plotting against his life--but God here promised to protect him. Lutherans pray "if it be Your will"--but should pray rather that God would deliver them to heaven (and hopefully leave them some time on earth!).
  • Verses 9-10: God's Word from His touch--Jeremiah was from Benjamin (v. 1) but put over "nations and kingdoms"--see ch. 44ff. He got to pronounce judgment on everybody (see text headings throughout the book).
  • Verse 11: "almond" sounds like "watching"--close enough [translation: ESV].
  • Verse 13: Babylon came from the north--they would be the enemies.
  • Verse 16: "works of own hands"--primary sin of Judah; see 1st table of Commandments.
  • Verse 19: God: "I'm protecting you; you shall prevail." One can't say that ideas are inspired and not words. If words mean nothing, then what is true? (Pilate) Once you give up on the truth of words, anything is possible. Ideas come from man, not God.

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