Monday, January 7, 2008

The great debate

As both my conservative and liberal readers know, the ID debate has been raging for who-knows-how-long. This post won't argue anything per se, but is rather an archive for a few articles from WORLD Magazine's perspective (subscription helpful). Certain readers may be unpleasantly surprised.

From the Sept. 18, 2004 issue: an account of a biology teacher, Roger DeHart, prosecuted for daring to teach Darwinian evolution and ID side-by-side.

From the Oct. 9, 2004 issue: how an ID paper got published and how evolutionists lashed out-- "'The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories' by Stephen Meyer [that] appeared in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington," to be precise.

From the May 21, 2005 issue: how certain schools, defying Darwinists' demands to the contrary, are "teach[ing] the debate." A telling sentence: "Darwinians boycotted the hearings, insisting that there is no debate."

From the July 21, 2007 issue: a unique teacher who hasn't gotten prosecuted for teaching the controversy.

And, in closing, a blurb from page 36 of the Dec. 29, 2007/Jan. 5, 2008 double issue.

Throughout the year, Darwinists upped their rhetoric against proponents of Intelligent Design, blocking the tenure of...Guillermo Gonzalez...and interfering with the ID research of Robert Marks at Baylor. But the ID movement fought back.

...The Edge of Evolution [by Michael Behe] hit bookstores in the summer with a devastating critique of Darwinism. Specifically, Behe demonstrates the limitations of random mutation and natural selection in producing new genetic information.

Similar challenges to Darwinism propelled a new high-school textbook... Explore Evolution: The Arguments for and Against Neo-Darwinism [from the Discovery Institute].

So far, that "teach the controversy" approach to biology education appears lawsuit-proof...

Unlike the famous Dover, Pa., school board that advocated introducing ID into the classroom and lost a landmark lawsuit to the ACLU in 2005, this new methodology draws only scorn, not litigation...

Yes, this collection may be one-sided. But let the articles speak for themselves.

Added 1/9/08: Look at this link (trackbacked here) from The Stiletto and answer this question: Are we evolving up (as, in my understanding, Darwinian evolution would predict) or down (as creationism would predict)?

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