Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Chapter 11, part 2

Below are some specific Biblical prophecies fulfilled hundreds of years later, on average.

  • Tyre. Predictions are in Ezekiel 26:3-4, 7-8, 12, 14, 21. Fulfillment: Nebuchadnezzar broke its gates; Alexander the Great destroyed the city; Antigonus besieged it for 15 months; Muslims captured it; today, fishermen indeed "spread their nets there."
  • Sidon. Predictions are in Ezekiel 28:22-23. Fulfillment: not destroyed; frequent wars ("blood in the streets" and a "sword on every side").
  • Samaria. Predictions are in Hosea 13:16 and Micah 1:6. Fulfillment: it fell violently, was destroyed, and had vineyards planted in it.
  • Gaza-Ashkelon. Predictions are in Amos 1:8, Jeremiah 47:5, and Zephaniah 2:4-7. Fulfillment: the twin cities were destroyed; the Philistines were driven out; shepherds came in, as did Judah's remnant.
  • Moab-Ammon. Predictions are in Ezekiel 25:3-4 and Jeremiah 48:47, 49:6. Fulfillment: the cities were taken by eastern peoples for palaces; exiles returned.
  • Petra and Edom. Predictions are in Isaiah 34:6-15, Jeremiah 49:17-18, Ezekiel 25:13-14, and Ezekiel 35:5-7. Fulfillment: the cities were emptied of people, conquered by Israel and heathen, and had a bloody history.
  • Thebes and Memphis. Predictions are in Ezekiel 30:13-15. Their former names were No and Noph. Fulfillment: idols were destroyed, Thebes was burned, and there were no more native Egyptian rulers in either city.
  • Nineveh. Predictions are in Nahum 1:8, 1:10, 2:6, 3:10, 3:13, and 3:19. Fulfillment: the city was drunken, flooded, burned, and became desolate.
  • Babylon. Predictions are in Isaiah 13:19-22, 14:23, and Jeremiah 51:26, 43. Fulfillment: covered by swamps and desert creatures, desolate, like Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. Predictions are in Matthew 11:20-24. Fulfillment: destroyed throughout the course of history (Jesus didn't specify the means).
  • Jerusalem enlarged. Predictions are in Jeremiah 31:38-40. Fulfillment: precise rebuilding through even today!
  • Palestine. Predictions are in Leviticus 26:31-33 and Ezekiel 36:33-35. Fulfillment: Jews were dispersed, allowed to return, persecuted - and yet they thrived.


Anonymous said...

I love 'evidence that demands a verdict', Hannah. I'm inspired to go get it out and do some more reading. It's even more relevant and pertinent with what's going on around us now.

Hannah said...

Glad to be of help, Aurora. Eventually I'll get the whole book done - only two or three more chapters!

If you know of books you think deserve to be blogged through, tell me and I'll do them next summer.