Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pentecost 13

We had a guest pastor today. The readings were Job 38:4-18, Psalm 18, Romans 10:5-17, and Matthew 14:22-33 (sermon text).
Our stories are those of being ungodly, hurt, and so on. The disciples had stories like these too. An imminent wreck of a boat isn't the best place to be. But Jesus was calm, walking on water - exactly opposite in every way. The water, therefore, was safer than the boat. Peter exited the boat - but why did he get wet? If we act like him (jumping out), we get either prideful or fearful.

The text is NOT about Peter, you, or even faith! The text is ALL about Jesus. He decided to walk on the water; He called Peter; He loved Peter enough to be pulled down. He loved each of us enough to be nailed to the cross.
Also joining me were Cheryl with other Martin Loopers (of which I hope to be a member in an indeterminate number of years) including Elephant's Child, Rebellious Pastor's Wife, Boots on the Ground, and a few assorted blogging children.


Elephantschild said...

It was great seeing you again. Next time we have a Mommapalooza at Cheryl's, you and your mom will have to come over, ok?

I thought that was a very good sermon, no?

Hannah said...

The sermon felt very short. Then again, I couldn't really hear him half the time in the choir section. The best acoustics are on the other side of the sanctuary.

Perhaps we will! Say hi to the Dear Younger Brother for me.