Saturday, August 2, 2008

Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Chapter 4, part 2

Assorted interesting facts
  • Nelson Glueck: archeology has never contradicted the Bible.
  • Critics used to treat Genesis 11-50 as legend; much has now been proven fact.
  • Ebla Kingdom: Pentateuch was written near the time of the events described.
OT examples
  • Origin of civilization was in Mesopotamia (whence the Genesis record traces man).
  • Origin of diverse languages (Alfredo Trombetti thinks perhaps all languages) at Babel.
  • Horites (in Esau's lineage; resembles the Hebrew word for cave) were not cave-dwellers.
  • Jericho's walls did fall outward (unlike normal walls), allowing Israel to charge in.
  • Abraham was most definitely a historical being.
NT examples
  • Luke is among the top historians - very accurate details about the time period, geography, customs, etc.
  • Pool of Bethesda.
My notes for this chapter, unfortunately, do no justice to the quotes therein.

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