Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unnatural Selection: Chapter 15

HMOs and PPOs and much genetic testing (if you're in the mood for this sort of thing, or this if you're Lutheran). Or, to put it in the words of one much wiser than I: The love of (saving) money is the root of all evil. This chapter centers around the efforts of genetics-related professionals to solve the health care problems: costs up, coverage down. A great push is made for universal, non-fee-for-service care.

Yes, I know it's a major campaign issue. And yes, millions of Americans are without coverage because of a variety of things. But I think we're looking at the wrong side of the issue, or even the wrong issue entirely. Broaden your focus, please, to look at the possible root cause of societal ills like a health-care crisis, gun and other weapon crime, child abuse, drug and substance abuse, poor health of many who necessitate more health care, etc.

Personal responsibility and a sense of absolute morality. Fewer people cannot swallow that than certain readers may think. How does my proposition impact the above areas?
  • Weapon crime: Citizens own weapons. A man's home is his castle. (Hooray for SCOTUS!)
  • Child abuse: When human life is cheapened by abortion (for which reasons include [1] a moral code that serves self and [2] unwillingness to have responsibility for a helpless human being for at least eight months), born children are affected too.
  • Substance abuse: Your body is not yours to do absolutely anything to.
  • Poor health: Many preventable diseases and conditions stem from an unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. couch potato.
Your take? Other points?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hanna, thanks for dropping by my blog and you are right on the money... and I say that as one who foolishly didn't listen to the docs regarding the link between smoking and lung cancer. Foolish me. You might be interested in this post of mine from back in January: Just Give Me A Corner To Die In.

MathewK said...

Personal responsibility, huh, what's that Hannah. Seriously though, most of our problems will go away by themselves when people are made to take responsibility. Unfortunately i don't think that enough of us are prepared to embrace it.