Sunday, June 29, 2008

Selected Psalms: 91

Prelude bullets:
  • Continue Psalm 136 through Christian history...up to yourself!
  • Read Scripture aloud - reading was nearly always oral in the ancient world.
Psalm 91 bullets:
  • Are vv. 1-2 our decision? Or faith's response? Daily we drown the old Adam and affirm our faith. "I will say" coincides in tense (Hebrew) with dwelling in God's shelter, i.e. "As I abide under the Almighty's shadow, I am saying..."
  • vv. 3-4 have bird imagery. God rescues us from bird-catchers and covers us with His pinions!
  • v. 5 is to be read while imagining a place with no lights at night.
  • v. 7 exemplifies God's unfathomable protection of us.
  • Satan misquotes 11a and 12 in Matthew 4 and Luke 4. What about 11b?
  • God speaks about the author in vv. 14-16.
The next Bible study will probably be in two weeks. I have yet to receive the notes from the note-taking individuals who attended Higher Things.

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