Monday, May 18, 2009

Origins: history of the creation model; some resources

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Essentially, the source of the creation model is not people (as with the evolution model), but rather the Bible. Yet there are other, non-Bible-derived creation models, but the principal one is from the Christian worldview. The Bible is revelation, written down by people yet inspired by God. This has led to a charge (mentioned again in a later post) that, since the source of the creation model is *unscientific*, therefore the creation model must be entirely unscientific, aka "religious."

How would a creationary scientist respond to that charge? Have at it!

Bonus for today: some interesting reading on the creationary side of the debate.
  • Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome by Dr. J. C. Sanford. This book, which I just finished, presents a thorough argument that genetic entropy as theorized and seen today does more than not support the basis of the evolution model...
  • "Is God an Evolutionist?" by David Menton. This article argues against theistic evolution (TE) in general, from a Lutheran point of view.

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