Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lent 2

Today's readings were Genesis 32:22-32, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-7, and Matthew 15:21-28 (sermon text).

A pagan woman sought out the One who would heal her daughter. She recognized Him at Tyre and Sidon. Jesus first focused on Israel, not answering this Gentile's plea. She persisted, finally worshiping Him as the only true God. Although He tested her - remember while reading this that we, non-Jews, are also counted as "dogs" - her faith proved true and selfless, for she sought nothing for herself.

Jesus then healed her daughter, seeing her faith. But do we seek Him and likewise cry out for forgiveness? No; we persist in our sin. But Christ still intercedes for each member of His church. Particularly in Communion, He sanctifies us, strengthens our faith, and invites us to eat and drink of His very body and blood. Let us not take for granted these gifts we freely have.

Today's sermon was from an off-campus church; what sort of differences do you see?

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