Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living for eternity

See "Love" label for other sermons related to this one. The text was Philippians 1:27.

As children of God, our best life is yet to come! We eagerly anticipate heaven, for God in His unending and eternal love has prepared a mansion for each of us. St. Paul therefore challenges us to live now worthily of the gospel of Christ. It is tough to be His follower - but whatever happens, remember that you are His. Our earthly bodies and the inheritance from our fathers will wear out, but our eternity is built by God.

How do we therefore live? By faith, not requiring sight. We are warned to be prepared always to show our faith, to welcome Christ into our doings (i.e. do nothing you would want to keep secret from Him). We are accountable for all our thoughts, words, and actions. So listen and obey the Word - belief in Him whom the Father has sent will surely beget acts of service. Our life is in Christ, not in the world's filth; we are transformed, not conformed. Be renewed daily by kneeling at the Cross to plead and receive Christ's forgiveness. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ, your sustenance and guaranteed reward.

Soli Deo gloria.

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