Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent 1

I am home on break; today's readings were Isaiah 2:1-5 (sermon text), Romans 13:11-14, and Matthew 24:36-44.

We know the future, and it is Christ. God revealed this to Isaiah (whose book can be theologically considered the 5th Gospel), who confidently proclaims it. All else in the future may be dreary, but Jesus Christ is ever our hope and stay.

"Zion shall be established in the last days" - not literal, but saying that Christ (Hebrews 12) is the highest, exalted over all creation. While historically Judah was used by other nations, its Lion uses all nations for His glory. We are now with angels, praising this Glorious One! Looking in Acts 19, we see that "the Word of the LORD grew." We are in the last days (see Joel and Acts). "He shall judge . . . neither shall they learn war anymore." This will not happen in our lifetimes, nor by our own power. But in heaven there are no swords, only peace. God's promise is sure.

Soli Deo gloria.

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