Sunday, October 10, 2010

Angels: part 3

What an amazing conclusion to this study! For my classmate-readers, I do have a hard copy of each week's outline.

The work of good angels is to...
  • serve God (Matthew 18:10 as representatives of God's little ones before His presence; Luke 2:13 as praisers of God to announce Jesus' birth; Psalm 103:20-21 as all-around helpers; Luke 15:10 as those who rejoice over repentant sinners)
  • serve Christians (guarding little children - Matthew 18:10; protecting believers - Psalm 91:11-12, Acts 12:7-11, and Acts 27:23-25)
  • assist Christ in the final judgment (1 Chronicles 21:16, Matthew 24:31 and 25:31, and 1 Thessalonians 4:16)
The angels' message throughout the ages has been to...
  • announce the birth of Christ the Savior! They brought God's presence (Luke 2:8-14) as "the glory of the LORD."
  • announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ! They reminded the women of His words (Luke 24:1-8).
  • herald the return of Christ as King of Kings! This is foreshadowed in Acts 1:11 and described vividly in Revelation 22:12-16.
  • In each of the above cases, the angels also redirect our attention to where it should be.
Summary: Angels are created messengers ONLY; created to serve God and us, bringing God's presence where they go; to fight against the evil ones. They are not to be worshiped, but they worship God continually. In worship, we join the angels and archangels in this praise!

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