Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So boys and girls...

...really ARE different. Especially from a Physical Therapy standpoint. There are statistically significant gender-based differences in certain types of soccer injuries, in particular
  • Girls, possibly due to weaker neck muscles (article hypothesis), get more cranial and facial injuries than do boys. Translation: concussions.
  • Boys injure the lower leg more than twice as often as do girls.
  • Due to factors not known but guessable, "girls are more likely to tear a ligament on their supporting leg, whereas boys are more prone to injure their dominant leg."
  • Girls tear the ACL much more often than do boys, who tend to injure the ankle instead.
Not to discourage anyone from playing, but it does have its risks. A friend from college has no ligaments in his right knee because of soccer-related injuries.

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