Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christ the King Sunday

Today's readings were Isaiah 51:4-6, Jude 20-25 (sermon text), and Mark 13:24-37.

We're able to make foolish choices. But God's angels are there to intervene on our behalf. We are grateful and thankful to Him for sparing us in such close calls - of life, health, and faith. Close calls about faith are the most important; Jude devotes his epistle to them. He points to God as the only Savior from such events; while he had wanted to encourage his flock, circumstances demanded that he alert them to the close call they didn't know they were experiencing. Are we the same?

Many Christians today don't know what the Good News actually is: Christ became man, lived, died, and rose for us. They think that it's all about a change in our behavior, but it's really all about God's behavior. The results of the Gospel should not be confused with the Gospel itself.

Jude closes his epistle with an exhortation to build ourselves up in the faith by meditating on the Word, remembering our Baptism, receiving the Supper, and depending fully on God. God the Son is able to hold us up and to present us perfect before God the Father - how wonderful! In spite of all our faults, He still forgives and takes joy in doing so. Through Him we are blameless and innocent, though by nature we are sinful and guilty. We need a Justifier, and we have one in Jesus Christ alone. Rejoice!

Soli Deo gloria.

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