Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints' Day 2009

At my home church! Today's readings were Revelation 7:9-17 (sermon text), 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12, and Matthew 5:1-12.

Saint John, in the reading, beheld the company of heaven--quite literally, our grandfathers' church. How do they worship there? They gather to stand around God's throne, clothed in white, holding palm branches, and singing hymns that speak God's Word back to Him. No other religion has the salvation promised by God--even Islam, the most similar to Christianity, has a paradise limited to men's sensual pleasure, a legalistic "salvation."

Let us return now to John's first vision: the kingly Lamb standing before candles that are the Church invisible. Sound familiar? It's not a "culturally relevant" way of worship (for pastors are the ordained hands and mouthpieces of Christ). It's your grandfathers' church.

Now to the Book of Life. All the universe didn't have anyone with the qualification, perfection, to open it. Even if we die for the faith, we cannot open it. But the Lamb has come to open the Book. May God grant that He will find your name therein. Those whose names are in it will get the privilege of adoring the one God, of falling on our faces in worship, the chief end of man, what heaven is all about. Christ has placed white robes on those, saints, He calls His children. He will be their light, peace, and comfort.

Soli Deo gloria.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Soli Deo gloria. ..amen!