Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pentecost 3

Today's readings, each referenced in the sermon: Job 38:1-11, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, and Mark 4:35-41.

The Gospel reading tells of Christ's power over nature - but the disciples were afraid. Who is Jesus, this glorious Man wielding God's power among us sinners? The "time of the Church" (Pentecost through the beginning of Advent) is an excellent time to ponder this question. It is scary to have God next to you! "Who?" is Christianity's fundamental question, in contrast to the world's clever denial of God's existence. But neither must we try to have more "spirituality," for that does not produce either stronger or more true Christians. We need instead Spirituality, but the Holy Spirit cannot be manipulated or lied to.

Neither is the Son of God at all to be trifled with. His Father, in the Old Testament reading, takes Job to task for dealing lightly with Him. We cannot even understand His creation, let alone who He is! He stayed the waves by His power. Frightening, but not the final word.

Paul tells us that "now is the day of salvation." Until Christ returns, there is no day of judgment yet. Stay in the church - "the ship of faith" - keeping our gaze on our Captain, Christ.

Have a blessed Father's Day, and to my two other friends who have birthdays on this day, I congratulate them.

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